We at PL Steel believe that it is imperative to deliver a quality product to our customers on time through our dedicated service centre. This is achieved by constantly evolving to keep up with the latest market trends in machinery and only using the finest grade materials to suit the customer's every requirement.

Bystronic Lasers

We have invested in the latest technology with Bystronic to give you as the customer a world class product.

Capacity: Plate thickness; 1mm to 20mm with a tolerance of +/-0,5mm. Material which can be cut; Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium. 24 Hour shifts. Laser bed size: 4000mm x 2000mm.

Plasma Machines and Hypertherm

Our Messer High Definition Plasma machines will produce material to your exact specifications.

Capacity: Plate thickness; 3mm to 40mm with a tolerance of +/-2mm. Mareial which can be cut; Mild Steel, S355JR, S355JO and Flange Material (new spec for 300wa). Bed size 2400 x 10000.


Our Messer machines can profile cut up to 300mm thick with an excellent finish.

Capacity: Plate thickness; 16mm to 300mm with a tolerance of +/-2mm - 3mm (depending on thickness). Bed size 2400 x 12000.


We also offer a guillotine service which does not involve any gas cutting. This helps us give a quicker service at a better rate.

Capacity: Cuts 1mm to 10mm with a high accuracy as this machine is set with a stopper. The Guillotine cuts up to 3000 in width.

Bending Press

Bystronic Bending Press (150 ton)

Capacity: This machine bends 1mm to 10mm (depending on the length of the item being bent). Bends up to 3000 in width with a bending capacity of 150 tons.

Heli Bending Press (250 ton)

Capacity: The Heli bends the thicker material up to 25mm (depending on the profile). This bending press is 4000 in width with a bending capacity of 250 tons.

And if your job is thicker than what we can do, we will give you the option to out-source the job for you.

Plate Rolling

We also offer a rolling facility that is done onsite

Capacity: We can roll 10mm plate 2500mm wide. We have welders onsite that work to the American weld spec.

And if your job requires larger/thicker rollings, we can also do them with the help of our sub-contractors.